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The improvement in economic conditions there, main engine of the region, and the eurozone economy was reflected in the strong growth of the IFO index of business confidence and the indexes of managers of purchases that show a clear recovery in growth prospects for the first of the eurozone economy. These good expectations will help distort the decisions of households and firms, although you still need something more for you to see reflected in improvements in economic data. Recently New York Museums sought to clarify these questions. An element key, and of great importance to underpin the economic recovery through the financial system. In this sense, there is still not a strong decision both businesses and families and banks begin to recover the credit market from both sides. Indeed, the European Central Bank (ECB) just reported a few days ago that the growth of bank loans to companies and households within the euro zone fell in June to its level lowest since 1992, with a poor growth of only 1.5% year on year. We are wrong but so good could repeat the ECB. This is due to a good news provided the Economist reported last Wednesday that banks in the eurozone provide for relaxing the conditions to give loans to companies and households in the third quarter of the year.

This novelty arises from the survey that the European Central Bank (ECB) took place between 118 banks in the region. The conditions of the European banks in terms of access to financing and liquidity position are contributing to change the willingness of banks to lend. The generation of financing for the economy, and the recovery of external demand (primarily from the United States and China), are the key elements to the end of the recession and the start of economic growth in the eurozone. Not what European Governments and the ECB can do both that may affect these two elements, will explain the force that the economic recovery will occur. Yet there are no great expectations for 2010, but just as we were surprised the depth of the recession, us should not surprise a stronger eurozone recovery. Horacio Pozzo investment independent La history may show that the Fed had helped avoid a great depression in 2008, but the radical steps taken along the way make it more vulnerable politically than it has been in decades. During its 96-year history, the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) has been pierced by a handful of moments of transformation.The current one is one of them, this is the time that individual investors should take to achieve financial independence. Paola Pecora here tells us that more than 4000 Latin American investment options because they are taking advantage. Do not waste more time and learn how to invest and become a PREMIUM investor now.

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