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The new format allowed for a greater variety of entertainment. It creates in the audience a sense of satisfaction. Jose Pablo Hernandez reiterated that what differentiates and characterizes the rest of the aquatic groups across Cuba is that we have a line folk and we do not deviate from it, do representations of different musical genres in the water but their assembly is always linked to our roots. ” In his tours in the country, the collective, which Has10 dancers, most former athletes of synchronized swimming and water polo, has received the kindness of the public, mainly in the tourist resorts of Matanzas, Guantanamo, Holguin, Granma, Ciego de a vila, City of Havana and Villa Clara, among others. Very impressed to learn to show the human body through his art. Viewers appreciate so in the aquatic Suite, Two roots and folklore, Cuba and the latest cute: x one hundred percent Cuban. In the city of Camaguey Aquarium has established aquatic night at the Palace of Youth, for young people to enjoy their dance interpretations of the water body, composed of five partners, able to keep afloat a folkloric representation of color and clarity .

The group manages to express through language dance of water, native roots and culture. The women, sirens and the dancers shine on stage. The show is highly sought after by tourists from the resort of Santa Lucia, other places of their routine, because in their outstanding performances and traditional folk dances Cubans inside and outside the water. Also known expertise and elegance combined with synchronized swimming techniques with elements of dance, in order to “say Paul Joseph enjoyable aquatic fantasy developments, money, pyramids and charged. The First National Festival of Cuban water companies will be a challenge for members Aquarium of the city of Camaguey, who will be the organizers and hosts to turn the event into a real fantasy, a floating show particular artistic style and color. Hicuba is a website aimed at the travel and tourism industry in Cuba with valuable information on what is required to travel to the island, as well as geography, history and tourist destinations Cuba. In Hicuba. com you can find plenty of updated information about Cuba and numbers book online travel services, among them, and

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