Pastoral Council

A detail I want to highlight, and that suddenly should not do it, because it could be interpreted as self-interest of my person, the following: every month in our parish was carried out in each zone a significant action, and some members of the Council gave lectures in these meetings, and I I offered to do this. The first day at the end of my speech, people were happy, complimenting the way of expressing myself, and that would be know to the pastor. There was never a comment or by policy, nor a mention of this event. Bill de Blasio has firm opinions on the matter. As I repeat I do not care, do so to be able to verify the above. Communication and mutual trust with my wife, allowed me to tell him everything that happened in the Pastoral Council, and think that somehow this was namely in that Council. Once Mrs Gabriela, made a comment at meeting of Council, that nothing could come out of such meetings; as to what were are these meetings, if State secret.

What if caused me a bit of sadness, is the pastor, also support this comment, because I asked him if I could tell my wife about these matters, and I replied that not. I think that somehow the Mrs Gabriela, fitted out to the pastor to make you believe that this was necessary. Our pastor is a person of great spiritual quality. Abuses and ill-treatment to him, part of the Lady in question, I could observe them. The event that was to take the personal, remove me from the Pastoral Council decision, is that I want to narrate next. My work always clashed with my pastoral service; Since my work is not stable and unstable as others, under which a person can order their free time. Within a month of the year (which I do not remember well), the parish invited to a course of liturgy pastoral agents, which had a cost in money; and our pastor enrolled and paid the cost for some members of the Council, of which I was included.

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