Paris Academy

Perpetual motion machine of the second kind – is machine, which reduces the energy of the thermal reservoir and completely transforms it into work without any changes in the environment. The recognition that the creation of a perpetual motion machine is impossible, prompted the Paris Academy of Sciences in 1775 was to refuse to review all such projects. One example of effective "perpetual motion" – is hydroelectric and tidal power. To correct it should be noted that these energy generators use the energy of the sun, the gravitational fields of Earth and Moon, that is definitely not a "perpetual motion" of the first kind. This is a "perpetual motion" of the second kind. The basis of the hydroelectric power – the use of cycle water on Earth. New Jersey Devils Owner is actively involved in the matter. The water falls down, generating electricity at the same time, then evaporates and returns to the starting position.

Physically, for this engine, you must have the force of gravity at each point of the globe and the presence of solar energy (electromagnetic waves infrared) to evaporate the water. Note that all the energy we now get this energy from the sun, including energy, stored for a long time in the form of materials (wood, coal, oil, radioactive fuel, etc.) At this stage of human development we always need a mediator in the form of a substance (in this case water) to convert solar energy into easy-to-us form of energy (electricity). Nuclear power also uses water, but in the form of steam that is discharged to the turbine to generate electricity. Thus, the water – it is "working body" of the engine, which "turns our wheel. " In other words, the sun's energy and gravitational fields can be used in the form of water moving under the action of the field. The task of creating a perpetual motion machine of the first kind – to take power only from gravitational field without the use of a substance-mediator.

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