Out Of Time

Before passing through a bridge have to tap it, even if it is of stone.. Proverb in the Chinese path of liberation (Chinese way of Liberation) that presumably was first proposed by Lao Tse, whose teachings were subsequently disseminated and developed by Chiang – Tzu found: beyond the teachings outside the tradition: without relying on words or writings, pointing directly to the human mind, seeing within nature itselfGets the status of wisdom; Being need to experiment new States of consciousness that are outside of time everyday, for disclosing the truth and reflects the eternal and active recordings that we are and that belongs to us, because it is the center of being. Outside of time, it is a State of original consciousness, perception increases and free of conditioning and learning everyday cognition should not manifest itself, because when a person repeats a truth, as Krishnamurti pointed out, makes it lie. The point of this essence is that experience of the truth can never be transmitted: ‘ it’s a proven fact!.The Word always implies a term related to a couple of opposites and the experience is beyond the verbal level, where opposites transcend. You may want to visit New York Museums to increase your knowledge. Any claim related to a spiritual experience is, therefore, a mere figure of speech that can not teach anyone. At that level, if ideas, living means living without residues of the past; It means experiment and die continuously to all experience. The self that is psychologically, the memory, the sum total of all my belongings, ideas, beliefs and hopes retained on my conscience, then leaves be nourished by the experience. Here, that when one begins to observe, in their day-to-day activities, view everything that does is the result of their habits, a reaction of his mind conditioned by its past and that, when faced with the challenge of the present, which is the process that continually gives life to this cluster of ideas and emotions, weakens them and they do lose their foothold.

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