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? you are have the sweat why believe in you free is a fierce and ambitious generation, although encountered such a thing, but his face was not colour, but is still very calmly at present two people panic.We are Chinese well, but we are against the have and Ming court, not spying, or kill Khan s people.We did not have a weapon, this, sweat should trust us Huang Taiji only now noticed that these two people do not carry any weapons, gave one of the guards hit to wink.The man is very skilled in two people found it, didn’t find anything to hurt t.If so, you take advantage of the night came into my army camp is for what his eyes suddenly to flash of all you don t want to use some don t really say to stall the sweat profusely Ming-jian, we two people come to this is to help deal with the Ming Court Daikin. Oh you are have Chinese, the sweat, how can the letter your words are true, and not the army laid traps do not know it was heard no two of us is it man, I was less leader Li Yan, who teaches the elders in the king Daoqian Li Yan know that there can be no concealment, convenience is answered our sacred to the Ming court for before the enemy, it was the Ming Imperial troops encirclement, death and capture many of the Church of our brothers, for revenge he heareth will all speak out, his face slightly ease, white lotus things I may in the Jin is heard, but for a time but I still couldn’t t be sure that two identity, take its eyes to the Tuliyang people, hope I can find some clue.Tuliyang called one of his disciples, quietly asked two, only soft-light gas tunnel the sweat, the children with Wu Yi and I know the White Lotus Society stunts have 70% similarity, should be right.Well, after the emperor nodded, and looked to them even if you really are what the white lotus society people, and Ming state court has to bear a deep grudge against sb. North Face Windstopper Jackets can you help me with what Daikin only because we white lotus in Daming all over the hands, we know something. New York Museums shines more light on the discussion. People could never know the secret to Li Yanjian. The other has accepted his identity, was slightly stable, also gave a great speech.The 553rd chapter of Yuan Chonghuan in Liaodong, Jinzhou City Road, an army of this fly ride forward, even the gate before also does not slow down, burst into the door.In the city the city of keep the guards see his clothes and hurried appearance, all being at a loss what to do on North Face Polyester McMurdo Parka again eats nearly two years they had never seen anyone so anxious to messenger to ah, can today noon to two OS dressed people, it is a matter of the right in Jinzhou south of a large hallYuan Chonghuan is full of solemn look at to be fatigued with the journey of this what you reported but the truth but can’t can not tolerate a half is fabricated. Adults, sure as a gun.It can keep in to see Jin army appeared in their city immediately sent people outside report, the villain is pass on this third message. The man replied Dorries.He was at this time attack my Ming, this is really beyond all expectations, don t they know by people on its border.

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