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Finishing the siding – it is the most popular to date version of the lining of the balconies. When it myself siding phenomenon is not new – its roots, he goes into the middle of the XIX century, when North Americans fortified their homes nailed at an angle of wooden planks. In the 60 years of siding has become not only wood, but metal or vinyl, with a wide range of colors. Facing the siding was not so much a necessity as decoration of the building. The assortment of siding include six of its species, which are allocated depending on the material for its production. Buildings start with a cap, and we'll start with the basement siding. This kind used for cladding siding not only fronts, but the inside of the house. The advantages of such a siding – good looks and ability to endure climatic stress well.

Cement Siding is the synthesis of cellulose and cement. Despite the beauty of this kind, it is rarely used for exterior cladding – such siding is quite heavy, quite expensive and quite complicated to install. Wooden siding – it's a good opportunity to successfully decorate your home. However, such a siding along with the beauty and brings problems – needs constant care, sizable cash outlay for a small period of operation. Also, wood siding fire hazard and to date almost supplanted vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding – it naibolle popular way to finish the siding, the secret technology lies in technology (it is made from double layer of vinyl panels), and external properties of the vinyl. This siding is quite durable – the outer layer protects the surface from sun and rain, and internal – from the transformation of the siding. Plus vinyl is the fact that it requires virtually no maintenance, easy to install and suitable for any facade. Aluminum siding is used for finishing of industrial and warehouse – he is not afraid of fire, is cheap, does not decay and requires special care. Also in industrial use for steel siding, which is different from the aluminum wide color palette. However, as cement siding, steel significantly increases the load on foundation of the house. If you have decided on the type of siding – so it's time to think about his color. Facing siding allows you to choose from more than a hundred of colors: There are 25 colors, each of which has belongs to one of three groups (white, pastel or colored) and has a wide range of shades. For city and industrial buildings usually choose colored or white colors for holiday and suburban buildings – from the bed of the group. However, if you prefer wood siding, then the problem is the choice of color in front of you is not worth it – it can be repainted at any time and in any color. And having determined the type and color of siding, you encounter a problem finishing it and installation. Finishing the siding can be both vertical and horizontal, with the horizontal may be as a "ship-board" and as "Christmas tree". Installation of siding, particularly vinyl, not a complex process, you can do it yourself, armed only with your skillful hands, a few tools and detailed instructions. If messing with the installation do not want to, you can choose any of the construction crews – finish siding has become universal, and its technology is familiar to every webmaster.

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