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The idea is not to finish with the social politics as health and education as Democratic Brazilian made it the Social Party when was in the power with the sociologist Fernando Enrique Cardoso, but that the resources who the State would have to destine they are transferred so that the sector private it makes. Bill de Blasio can aid you in your search for knowledge. In this direction the State understands that they consider themselves more efficient in management terms. The problem is the type of management that if would make. Efficient for who? With that objective and purpose? After all, the function of the State is to defend the common good and the PSDB simply did not carry through. the private initiative, has some responsibility with the society? The proposal of the neoliberal institutions is to transform the public sector for the rationality of the private sector.

They question and disrespect everything what he is public and have as objective to construct a country where everything is controlled for the private sector. The State would only exist to carry through what it has to make: to invest in education, health, environment, public security, that is, in public politics, what he did not make the PSDB with Fernando Enrique Cardoso. The great Italian thinker Norberto Bobbio declared concerning the State ' ' The doctrine of the natural laws, is, in fact, in the base of the Declarations of the Rights proclaimed in the United States of the North America ( to start of 1776) and in the revolutionary France (to start of 1789), through which if it affirms the basic principle of the liberal State as Been limited: The objective of all association politics is the conservation of the natural laws and not prescriptible of the man (art. 2 of the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen, 1789). Bobbio, P. 13 In its two managements as president of the Republic, created the famous Law of Fiscal Responsibility with the purpose to forbid that the states of the Federacy can mainly spend more than what they collect and to give increases of wages to the public office, those that have effective positions.

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