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In fact, in some developed countries it had a reduction in the emissions of the gases of the effect greenhouse for unit of the GIP, but with the economic growth of the emergent countries this account was inverted completely. It had production transference, for example, of the modern North American industry for the pollutant Chinese industry, Not yet a form was uncovered to produce the GIP without negative impacts to the environment. The capitalist economy has that to be includente, in the direction of aparar inaqualities and leaving of side its autorreferencial aspect, without concerns it are of itself, that not accepted external interferences not to be what is in cerne of the capitalism, which is, maximizao of results and accumulation of wealth. During century XX it had enormous growth of the world-wide wealth, but also of the social inaquality and many economists already agree that to distribute first the income and later growing it is more sustainable than the inverse one, that is, not if she must wait the cake to grow stops later distributing its pieces, therefore this generates concentration of income, social inaquality and ambient degradation. The ambient support is one of the three bigger world-wide challenges, together with the subdesenvolvimento and the security. The improvement of the quality of the environment and the preservation of sources of energy and natural resources for the next generations the inhabitants of the planet are obligation of all. In time of war, accepted without questioning most severe of the privations and the life in sacrifice is offered readily even though, but it seems that, ahead of this so serious problem, the humanity still lives in a onrico world. The planet Land is in ambient, ill disequilibrium and with its engaged lineage. To the measure that the human being emporcalha air and confuses natural ecosystems, the ambient liabilities only becomes to increase.

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