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How will you end your bid? Difficult to determine the outcome, but this episode have lived them in other cases of global companies in the commodities sector. What happens with Cadbury and Kraft is part of the trend that is watching on worldwide food business as well as other sectors, mainly linked to commodities. The development and evolution of the world economy are requiring global companies with strong competitive profile in order to respond to the growth in demand. The growth of the emerging economies that is improving the economic status of the population, is causing a change in consumption habits making emerge a demand whose growth at the moment is not easy to verify. The transformations that are taking place in the global economy are driving such movements in several sectors of the global economy.

In order to understand clearly the trends of markets is necessary to understand fundamental aspects of the economy. For this reason, Latinforme has launched the course of basic economics for investors that provides an appropriate tool to be able to link what happens in the economy both domestically and internationally, with the movement in the value of financial assets. Horacio Pozzo – S & P500 climbs 22%, Global value portfolio rises 30% is not difficult to win when everything rises in bag. How difficult is to find companies that will rise more than the rest. We launched four months ago Global value, a report with recommended actions of strong bullish potential on Wall Street to earn more than the average number of investors. If you also want to join our subscribers that are gaining a 30% on the New York Stock Exchange, you can learn more here about either write to us at, we have a report designed for you. Our recommended hikes: 120%, 69%, 35%, 28%. And more Original author and source of the article.

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