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To the knowledge that within you exists a huge power given by God through their then life you will not doubt in any moment that she can obtain everything what she sets out, the spiritual forces they are extraordinary, never they know the word impossible, then logically it is necessary to resort to them. He never thinks that its goal is too great, the important thing is knowledge that always will be a route to arrive from where it is, is just as the fact to want to go to any place of the world, always there is a way to go of a district from China to New York, or from Australia to the North Pole, etc. it observes that some routes can be long but always there is a form to arrive, the equal happens with its life, does not matter in what situation is right now, will always be a form to arrive at its goals. In the book the Secret of the Power of the Goals is us how to structure concrete plans to obtain our desires, never it becomes paralyzed and it looks for excuses not to undertake what wants at heart of its heart, in this book you you will learn that most important is the force of an idea, those thirst of success, an internal force that it extraordinarily impels to us to the search than we loved, you you will obtain such state of action and motivation. It is the moment for acting and to run towards what always there is beloved, does not let pass the time who is his worse enemy, to obtain what it is desired is liberation, is to have feelings of autorrealizacin, peace, abundance, espiritualidad, the life has wonderful things that they must be enjoyed, so it never resigns to that it has hoped, that yes, works in structured form to obtain it. original Author and source of the article.

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