Needlework – The Art, Born Of A Man

Knitting – an ancient folk craft. In museums around the world next to the ancient tools can see the first clippers, large combs, which combed wool, spindles, spinning wheels and, of course, Knitting, crocheting – wood, bone, and later of metal. Weave in Russia was considered a special skill. Patterns vypletennye nodes, often played then in stone, wood, metal. From nodules trailed mascots amulets worn around the neck or arm in pagan times. NYC Mayor is actively involved in the matter. Flourishing weaving knot up during the formation of Kievan Rus. Node was seen not simply as a plexus of threads, and a symbol of concepts such as life, happiness, bread, sun, love.

Embroidery is one of the most popular and accessible forms of folk art. She perfected over many centuries and come down to us in the form great variety of ornaments, beads, they are made, interesting colors for filaments. Needlework develop cognitive and creative activity, curiosity, love of work, sense of beauty, ability to work independently as well as traits such as diligence and accuracy. From time immemorial, women engaged in needlework, embodies the amenities.

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