Natural Stone Veneer Facades

The main activities of the company – facing natural and artificial stone, laying pavers, granite, building a Turkish bath, roofing work and a full range of design and construction services, architectural design and interior design (facades of stone, greening roofs, fireplaces, stone, etc.). Another priority area of our business – is facing a natural stone veneer facades, the cap house, porch, main entrance. We offer you the mantel, portals, and any other interior elements of the apartment or house. Natural stone is able to decorate and enhance any part of your interior. For example, stone wall cladding is ideal for decorating bathrooms, a stone stair coverings make them more durable, rich and does not require large expenditures for this care.

At the same time to improve the appearance and give the house a special strength and longevity experts recommend the use of stone veneer facades. By the way, facing the cap stone is perfectly combined with all facade materials, whether or siding stucco or brick facing. Most optimal in our climatic conditions, facing porches stone, which is confirmed by three hundred years the history of our goroda.Vmeste so we can offer you a facade wooden houses, or houses made of corrugated timber. Natural stone (facing stones) can coat various surfaces: brick, concrete, wood, etc. Brick and concrete base (concrete-cast or foundation blocks) does not require additional training under the veneer of natural stone granite or marble. Our main goal – to satisfy the growing demand for facing works of natural stone for interior and exterior finishes, ensuring the highest quality and most competitive tseny.Teply or cold, comfortable or stern light or dark Laying the stone will help to create a unique interior, picturesque landscape, and, of course, a solid exterior, depending on the color and texture of natural stone.

Company 'RussDizayn' offers the veneer, laying of natural stone for external and interior decoration (laying marble laying granite facade.). You can also order the service to perform landscaping (laying pavers, paving, etc. The main methods of stacking and lining: in-line, arcuate and arbitrary. Each of the way is divided into several subtypes (depending on connection options stones). Thus, there are segment-arcuate, scale-like, arcuate and other patterns. In general, all methods of laying pavers can be divided into geometrically regular and 'artistic' geometry. Selecting the method of installation is determined by the texture of the stone and design concept.

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