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For New (1992) remote sensoriamento it is the use of sensors for the acquisition of information on objects or phenomena without it has direct contact between them. This work had as objective to analyze the evolution of the different types of use of the land and the vegetal covering of the basin of the stream Joo Days, throughout the years of 1965 the 2000, evaluating the influence of the antrpico use in the way. Click New York Museums to learn more. The hidrogrfica basin of the stream Joo Days, sub-basin of the River Aquidauana, is one of the main tributaries of the Basin of Alto Paraguay (BAP). The main canal of the draining of the stream Joo Days is born in the mount of Saint Brbara, in the mountain range of Maracaj, pertaining lands to the Aldeamento of the Green Lemon, of the Terena tribe, in the city of Aquidauana. The area of the hidrogrfica basin is of approximately 113,3 km2, understood between latitudes south of 2018' 19' ' 2028' 21' ' the longitudes west of 5538' 55' ' 5548' 54' ' (GALVAN, et al. 2006). The used metodolgicos procedures had consisted initially in bibliographical, iconographic and cartographic the survey of materials related to the area in question.

For the extration of the referring information to the types of use and vegetal covering gifts in the basin had consisted of analyze appearance of images proposal for New (2008). For confection of the letter of use of the land and vegetal covering of the year of 1965, it was used of the Aquidauana leaf (SF-21-X-A-III), gotten next to Federal University of Mato Grosso of the South? UFMS.A letter was digitalizada way to scanner of inserted table and in environment SPRING 5,0 where it was proceeded vetorizao from the mapeadas classrooms. Of the letter of use of the land and the vegetal covering of the year of 2000 if it supported in the image of satellite LANDSAT-7 ETM+, gotten gratuitously I besiege in it of NASA (), already corrected geometrically and in colorful composition rgb 742.

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