Mr Three Reflections Short Serafin Alarcon Tablitas

Love and tolerate Serafin Alarcon El Amor is a plant that is irrigated with patience and forgiveness. S. Alarcon Puesto that I am imperfect and need tolerance and kindness of others, also have to tolerate defects in the world until he can find the secret that allows me to remedy them. Mahatma Gandhi Pero I tell you: love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully, and persecute Matthew 5: 44 love without forgiving is no doubt impossible, love with roots of bitterness keeps us from freely exercising it. Christ has loved us without preconditions, he loves us as we are. We imitate his example of unconditional love.

The fundamental problem with humanity is simply the absence of love and intolerance. All we think, all passed judgment, but very few respect and above all love even those who are different from us so that our country begins to be one best must meditate about how we treat each other. Browse today which is the condition of our heart and as walking our interpersonal relationships. It is not religion, this is a matter of common sense in all the spaces that man and not make me anything else a life a better? Is it possible? Let’s get well, to respect us, to tolerate and above all love us unconditionally just like Christ did a day with us. Mr Nada Tablitas is impossible Serafin Alarcon No fear to greatness; Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some greatness is imposed on them and others left them big greatness. William Shakespeare men displayed harsh word tend to be slaves of bitter passions in the soul. S. Alarcon Sed as I do, that I am meek and humble of heart Christ humility, simplicity, freedom to tell you another thing better not say anything if sometimes on the roads of life we have been authors of so many bitter words of both drunk from coldness gesture.

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