Movenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport

Event for users of product information management (PIM)-E-business solution Waiblingen, 14 November 2013. Who wants to be successful in the long run, couldn’t come questions after origins, objectives and results to deal with. Because sustainability is made up of different components, and requires an integrated approach. This is the 13th asimDAY. The event for users of product information management (PIM)- and E-business solution is on the 3rd and 4th December 2013 at the Movenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport & Messe instead. The participants come from the entire roof area. Markus Thumper passes through the program of expert presentations and user presentations. The Cologne moderator is known from videos, TV and has already thrilled audiences at major events.

Right after the opening by asim – CEO Hansjorg example Gutensohn Markus Thumper to 13:30 Tuesday afternoon keynote speaker present to Rene of Borbonus, the humor meets communication power. He belongs to the renowned district the top 100 excellence speakers and is one of the leading communication coaches in the German-speaking world. In his lecture titled respect! Watch win at friend and foe”considers a plea a forgotten virtue Rene Borbonus respect. The participants experience entertaining and thoughtful at the same time, inspiring moments true to the sustainable foreign exchange who brings respect in the world, gets respect.” Then and on Wednesday from 9: 00 guests, as asim deals with sustainability information. The asim values respect, predictability and courage make a solid base for the understanding of the self in the daily work as well as for the relations with the customers. As a family business with the backing of Druckhaus Waiblingen is asim independent, provides employees and customers security as well as a long-term partnership. Asim, sense of the word is predictable in the truest. Customers know that they can rely on the comfort of the asimSuite and the continuous development of the individual products.

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