Mobile News In The Summer Of 2011

Manufacturer set trends on mobile touch screen and 3D of mobile radio summer 2011 stands for Smartphone trends and mobile innovations. In July, particularly the manufacturers HTC and Motorola provide voltage. While HTC smartphones around the world increasingly capture market share, it has heard longer by the American company Motorola. Now, the manufacturer will take but three new phone models on the market that meet the current mobile trends. In addition also the so far unnamed manufacturer something special for the summer will come up with.

Many new ideas are expected for the third and fourth quarter of 2011. With touchscreen phones are all reputable manufacturers on the market. As a special highlight, the so-called features prove this year however. Pioneer for three-dimensional Smartphone comfort was LG. The LG Optimus 3D but got a powerful competitor, the HTC Evo 3D just in time for the summer business.

HTC on the rise according to industry experts and mobile radio observers heard HTC to the winners to the Smartphone market. As recent studies show, the company has also a very good customer satisfaction and therefore in the history of successful models such as the Apple iPhone joins. The HTC Evo 3D is the latest Android Smartphone of manufacturer. It has a 4.3-inch autostereoscopic display. In this way, 3D content without the use of 3D glasses can be generated and again tagged given. Also flexible switching between 2D and 3D images is one of the highlights of the HTC Evo 3D. Equipped with a 5 mega pixel camera and a second VGA camera, the Smartphone promises many excellent snapshots. In addition, multimedia fans benefit from DLNA and HDMI connectivity. News from Sony Ericsson smartphone more novelties in the overview of mobile phone shop-24 has also more detail with the Smartphone and Motorola employs. The Sony Ericsson Xperia neo is an Android Smartphone with 3.7 inch large touchscreen. In this model the manufacturer has put the focus on multimedia, where the 8-megapixel camera and the integrated image sensor (Exmor R CMOS technology) among the special highlights.HDMI and DLNA support and various Google services guarantee more multimedia benefits. The Motorola Group considered the inventor of the first commercial mobile phone and brings three new top smartphones on the market this summer. The Motorola Atrix, an Android with a 4 inch large display, provides all technical features of innovative smartphones. In addition, the Atrix to a docking station can be, which is a 11.6-inch display available for all Smartphone features coupled. Advantage is also that the Internet browser Mozilla Firefox on the docking station is used. With an additional Android for business users, the Motorola Pro, a practical outdoor cell phone, the Motorola Wilder, the Smartphone manufacturer currently offers the largest selection of new phones. PRESS contact: mobile phone INH. Robert Richter Bremer str. 65 01067 Dresden E-Mail: Internet:

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