Michael Marius

Warmth and love. The characters of Albrechtschen wax images (the bees thank!)inweis our spring in their deeds, their appearance after an own world. They look human, but are not. There are separate beings, with its own Government, currency and live. Just because they are so similar to us humans, it makes us a thieving joy to observe their actions, because this is also the same as the appearance of our.

Maybe even still a little closer – close! Also the texture of the skin reveals Parallels: the various, shimmering translucent wax layers creates the impression of human skin in all their depth – fascinating! Just the material wax allows the layer to build up layer, the artist like a sculptor, established more space in the artistic representation through the three-dimensionality and creates life. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bill de Blasio by clicking through. Maybe that’s the reason why so many people in our gallery as first conjured a new face Malbrecht work up the walls, and they almost always is sold out – although she is not giving away the images. A fun – and lustful process is to be even a part of this world and classified this world in our. Perhaps check out shimmie horn for more information. If you saw a picture of Marlis Albrecht, you don’t forget it. And will the next whether his uniqueness recognize immediately.

Malbrecht, as her stage name, loses himself in the painting process, taking the wax bath (a term, so beautiful that I had to steal it to her), introduces himself in it and disappears completely in it. I have experience only a few artists, which is so rub, so a want to and at the same time have to do. But I think I need to tell you nothing. You will feel it the images. Michael Marius marks

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