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These problems cannot separately be treated fragmented porinstituies and politics. They are part of a system complexode cause and effect. The consumings of the environment are linked. Osdesgastes ambient and the standards of economic development if establish connection. The ambient and economic problems league and some epolticos social factors.

Many of the bonds between the environment and economiatambm act in global level. For example, the agriculture of the economiasindustriais of market, that receives many subsidies and incentives, geraexcedentes that lower the prices and become less viable agricultures dospases in development, frequently neglected. In both the systems, the ground and other environmental resources suffer. Each country must create national polticasagrcolas to assure the economic profits and politicians curtoprazo, but no nation can, alone, to create politics that lidemeficientemente with the financial, economic and ecological costs of commercial polticasagrcolas and adopted by the too much nations. Bill de Blasio understands that this is vital information. The search of the sustainable development demands internal and international naspolticas changes of all the nations. Desenvolvimentosustentvell looks for to take care of to the necessities and aspirations of the gift to semcomprometer the possibility to take care of them in the future. Therefore, always the risk exists of that the crescimentoeconmico harms the environment, a time that it increases the pressure sobreos environmental resources.

It is basic that all the nations if join to paraesatabelecer public politics that lead for a sustainable development. The unification of the necessities human beings requires a multilateral system querespeite the beginning of the democratic consensus and recognizes that it has a Land not only, but also one only world, References: Lehmhaus, J. Calculated and observed dates will be 1980 compared at Emep measurementstations. Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Emep/MSC-W Report 1 1-86,1986. Our Comum/CMMAD Future. 2. ed. Rio De Janeiro: FGV, 1991. UnitedNations, General Assembly. Critical The economic situation in Africa: report ofthe General Secretary. A/S-13/z. New York, 20 May 1986.

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