Metal Materials

In the mineral processing, a lot of mining equipment is operated under poor production conditions. After the production line is fixed, the wear-resistance of the equipment becomes one of the decisive factors in industrial production and reducing cost. According to the statistics, 75 percent of the damaged parts of the machine are caused by the metal wear. Therefore, to study the wear-resistance materials and improve the wear-resistance of the metal are two major tasks in the study of crushing equipment. With the strengthening of industrial production and the continuous progress of material science, experts from all over the world have already developed all kinds of wear-resistance materials for making crushing machine. These materials are developed on the basis of carbon steel and white cast iron making practice.

The white cast iron is made of hard metal matrix which is supported by hard carbide that helps the cast iron resist wear. As a result, cast iron is widely used in making crushers to resist wear. In proportion to the special requirement, the white cast iron can be alloying elements free or with high content of alloying elements. The alloy cast iron takes full advantage of the role of alloying elements in steel and iron in order to meet the requirement of the industrial production. Since the alloy is very expensive, manufacturers should take into account the relation between the one – time investment and the equipment durability. For vulnerable parts of the machine, it is an important method to use the materials with high alloy content.

The Association of Metal Materials in the United States points that the period from the 1990s to the next 20 years will witness the furious development of new materials including high-alloy pipes, high-functional polymers, composite materials and ceramic materials among which high temperature alloys account for over 60 percent. Around the global, many countries now attach more importance in the department of new materials researching when they readjust the industrial structure. At the same time, the investment in traditional metal materials is reduced year by year. Nowadays, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has become a famous manufacturer of mining machinery in this fiercer market competition scenario. Our company always holds onto the strategy of supreme products and excellent service and makes the greatest efforts to satisfy the need of our clients. Our company manufactures various types of crusher such as jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher which are all featured with novel design, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption and creativity compared with other similar products. At present, more people are engaged in the study of new materials used in crusher manufacturing while the upgrading and replacement of various materials become more rapid, which is essential to promote the crushing industry. VSI sand maker: flotation machine:

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