The past is the past, you can not change what happened and however much he affects or guilty or proud that makes you feel, can only influence the future, and to do so must start working now. Nothing has been done, or will at a different time to the present. Imagine how it could have been better the bitter past memories, imagine how you can improve their dreams inspire the future. If you take your present thinking in the past, its future will not improve. Quickly leave the memories of the past, they only increase the pain of loss and will not contribute to the solution, we like to return to the past and carry us reason to express our disagreement with this as an excuse not to confront this directly.

It was good that he did, if we do not work, it does not work and must be modified. To read more click here: NY museums . The things that hit and gave him so well, must be viewed with appreciation, were a major reason for his life and gave him satisfaction, if it served their time … let them go. If the past was so good, because this is not it?. Even if you had an answer to this question, you can not change past events, those responses should allow to draw conclusions and improve what you can do in the future, but remember that not everything that worked in the past will do so in the future and and not everything that failed in the past will fail in the future. Situations change, tastes change and the reasons for missed or hit before, may have changed, do not try to fix what went wrong in the past, try to resolve what will work in the future, this is achieved by working, testing, measuring and adjusting the process to obtain better results.

Looking back all the events that occurred are logical, you can see today because the information is complete then the players did not have, you know how it happened and the reasons that became successes or failures. Going forward all events will also be logical, you can use all available information to forecast what will happen and prepare to get the best of situations to come. The invitation then is to stop living in the past and prepare to live for the future.

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