Mayor Anthony Williams

The City council of the City of New York has the pride to homage and to recommend the movement Falun Dafa, established for Read Hong Zhi, in recognition for its teachings of peace and espiritualidade and for its courage and perseverance face the oppression practised for the People’s Republic of China. The system of the Falun Dafa, through which its practitioners cultivate the mind and the body, improved the health, improved the mind and raised the spirit of that they follow its doctrine. The courage to adhere to a faith, the spite of threats to the freedom and ‘ life, must be honored by all the peoples who respect the rights humanos.’ ‘ – City council of the City of New York ‘ ‘ As governor of the Illinois, it is a pleasure to officially recommend it for the enormous contribution given for the teachings of the Falun Dafa to the societies of our nation and of mundo.’ ‘ – Governor George H. Ryan, State of the Illinois ‘ ‘ Its leadership spiritual is an inspiration for many Californians and for the whole world peoples. I recommend for its devotion to the public service and for its commitment with the improvement of the mental, physical health and espiritual.’ to it; ‘ – Governor Gray Davies, State of the Calif’ rnia ‘ ‘ The Falun Dafa helps to preserve traditions precious human beings, as honesty, courtesy, loyalty and altrusmo.’ ‘ – Mayor Anthony Williams, District of Columbia ‘ ‘ The admirers of the Falun Dafa practise princ’ pious of the Zhen-Shan-Ren – ‘ ‘ Truth-Benevolence; ‘ – they incorporate and it in its daily life, searching to become better people in all the environments and situations. Moreover, they cultivate the body through the practical one of soft and tranquilos exercises, that improve its health corporal.’ ‘ – Mayor Edward G..

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