Math Elementary Algebra

Unlike arithmetic where using only the numbers and arithmetic operations (like +, -, a, ) in algebra numbers are represented by symbols (usually a, b, c, x, y, z) . This is useful because: * It allows the general formulation of arithmetical laws (such as a + b = b + a). * Allows numbers refer to “unknown”, formulate equations. More info: Rudy Giuliani. and study how to resolve them. * Allows the formulation of functional relationships. yCuales are the most commonly used symbols in algebra? + In addition to expressing addition, also expresses binary operations. Is coke constant terms.

a, b, c is used to express known quantities. x, y, z. Is used to express unknowns. n Is any number. a1, a2, a3 Expresses subscripts.

yQue is an algebraic expression? It is a string belonging to the algebraic language that can contain numbers, variables or arithmetic operations. Example: x + 3, y (2) + 2x – 3, yQue is an equation? One equation is the assertion that two expressions are equal. Example, x (2) – 1 = 4 yQue is a polynomial? Is an algebraic expression containing one or more terms. according to the number of terms is classified as: # Monomial: It is an algebraic expression that contains a single term # Binomio: It is an algebraic expression containing two terms # Trinomial: An algebraic expression containing three terms yQue is and What are the signs relationship used in algebra? Are those that indicate the relationship between two expressions. The signs of relationship are: * Less than: * Equal to: = yCuales are the signs of grouping used in algebra? Signs of grouping are used to change the order of operations. The processes referred to in them should be performed first. Signs of grouping are: * The parentheses: () * The brackets: * The key: () All of these definitions just given you, surely you will serve lot to have a vision of what is algebra and its main components or variables with which it works, if you want to know about this and other topics in more depth.

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