Make Money Posting Videos

The time advances and the development of technology and new business opportunities on the Internet every day to make it easier and less expensive, even there are many that offer profits without investing money and others who share gains by just visiting websites. But today I’ll show you how to make money online in a very simple requiring no experience, no investment of any kind. Danny Meyer has compatible beliefs. In fact, you can start dedicating 30 minutes a day. This is to make money posting videos on YouTube and other social networks like,,, and many more. Sounds complicated but apparently not, the whole business is based on helping large companies or companies to sell their products and in this case what we do using only videos of no more than 10 minutes Why Videos? The reason for using videos is by the great power that they have achieved in the development of Internet businesses, statistics have proven that there are far more effective and efficient other online media. 12% of the traffic moving on the Internet is video, and 75% of videos on is the network, hence we choose as number one. How the Business. The online video business is based on only three basic steps: 1.

Choose a product to promote 2. Make a short video of no more than 10 minutes. (Preferably) 3. Upload your videos to all possible social networks. Examples: Myspace.c om om Facebook.c Metacid Vimeo. Com The first step is to direct you to websites about affiliate programs, namely allowing free sign up get a unique affiliate link for you selected a product to promote.

For this the most recommended is The second is to create the video, do not worry you do not need, or digital camera is not professional software, you can do with Windows Movie Makers brings to Microsoft as default on each computer. Videos should be short and not need to do in the physical appearance. If you want a series of images, text and audio, and you can start earning money. Finally you have to join several sites that allow free upload videos, upload and start using your link in the description of previously obtained ClickBank Affiliate. Labels used in the keywords to improve your position and ready. And finally only remains to wait a few days or a couple of weeks and start to enjoy your winnings, these videos are paid about 3 times per month, and are worth between $ 30 to $ 80 dollars. The more videos you make will be much better. It is good to clarify that there are a number of tips and strategies that greatly speed up these results, and you can avoid months of research.

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