Life Insurance Pension

With age, everyone is increasingly think about their future pension. Unfortunately, the realities of our country shows that such thoughts are not always happy. The experience of Western European countries shows that sooner or later already begun talks about a possible increase in the retirement age will end a predictable result – the moment of the well-deserved rest for the working youth now postponed the next few years. And most of the state pension will suffice except for a modest basket, but not to a normal life. Under these circumstances, to take care of their future pensions to today. Many and come, laying a certain amount each month into a bank deposit or signing a contract of life insurance in the payment of rent. tion. But these options have their drawbacks. The accumulation of funds in the bank deposit at all does not guarantee a safe and comfortable old age.

On the contrary, will always be present fears: "Do not burn my blood in case of default?"; "How reliable is the bank that holds my retirement savings?" etc. In addition, to consider one more thing – very difficult to force myself not 'running hand' in retirement savings for every "easy" case. Practice shows that such incidents happen in their lifetime abound: you need to add money to purchase a new machine for repair, vacation, children's education, etc. In the end, 'retirement' bank account, not only does not increase, but inevitably melts like spring snow. Not the best solution in terms of Pension Plan – Life Insurance with payment of rent.

The fact that the premiums for such programs is not subject to tax deductions. As a result, in the state treasury is paid you 13% tax. Given all these factors and developed a program funded pension insurance. With it, every man can guarantee to provide a decent pension. Here are just a few benefits of participation in a funded pension insurance program: opportunity to contribute, and hence receive a pension in three currencies (U.S.

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