Leopoldina Village

For you that it is the search of the best ballads in So Paulo, below it follows Top 5 of the best ballads you to go how much it will be in the So Paulo capital! Pacha One of the main nocturnal houses of electronic music in So Paulo, the Pacha, is located in the quarter of the Leopoldina Village. The ballad is part of a Spanish net and is present in other places in the world. It has easy access, therefore following European trends, the house bes situated in an industrial area, without I transit and preventing problems with racket excess. With a space of 10.000 square meters, it has capacity for 2.500 people. It possesss lounge, bar, 15 berths, a main track and track to the outdoors. The participation of some invited DJ is part of the programming, being that already they had passed there for great names of electronic music as Bob Sinclair and Fatboy Slim. Learn more at this site: Danny Meyer. Villa Country For loving of music country and sertaneja, the Villa Country is the best ballad of sp.

In a space of 12 a thousand square meters, the house counts on seven bars, berths, a restaurant, differentiated track for shows and other environments, tables of billiards, would cachaaria and until one it would chapelaria. The decoration also contributes with the climate of the night, the environments is tematizados imitating the scenes of the Old West. The public who frequenta the ballad is young livened up e, and generally passes for there of two the five a thousand people per day. Moreover, already the pairs had marked presence Jorge and Mateus, Joo Bosco and Vincius and Vitor and Lo. Heaven Ballad of success in sp, the Heaven now meets in the August street.

Hip hop and black music are the predominant rhythms in the house. The luxurious environment white and is almost all decorated with games and effect of light. The owners have the intention to receive only vips, people with name in the list that one hostess confers in the entrance, therefore great possibilities to find celebrities who tan the night for there, as Eri Johnson and Cesar Ciello, until Chris Brown already marked presence in the place. D' Edge a club that if detaches in the electronic nights of sp, its programming varies to each day of the week, between pop rock, hip hop, techno, new wave, and also brings granes names of international electronic music. Thus, some tribes frequentam the environment. The house also is distinguishing, therefore she is all illuminating for panels of LEDs and brings a sensorial experience by means of rectangles of light that follow the sound. Club hell For who tans a good rock, the Club Hell is a place indicated for the nights in sp. Located in the August street, it has capacity for 500 people, it possesss track of dance and palco for shows, and that they prefer to see everything of the high one, one of the prominences of the house is that it counts all on a mezzanine with privileged sight for the environment. Of electronic music to the rock, So Paulo possesss ballads for all the musical sorts, of more cheap until the o most luxurious! It does not lose the chance! Being in So Paulo, you it will find the best ones

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