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Erlangen the job market brings together since 2005 employers and job seekers.Gigajob is now available online in 44 countries. Erlangen the online job market Gigajob was represented in 40 countries worldwide. Including also States such as the United States, Mexico and Australia, but also Saudi Arabia, India and Thailand are in addition to the European neighbouring countries. Gigajob is now launched for other 44 States with country-specific portals. This offer expansion focuses on Latin America and Africa. Now, the job market has established among other things a portal for Tanzania, Fiji, Brazil and Monaco. It aims to bring forward the international networking portals in various languages such as English, French, Spanish and Portuguese are published for these countries by.

Thus, employers and job-seekers closer together also cross-border and offer approaches to gain international experience. For logging in, each user has access to the offers from all countries. Gigajob offers a very differentiated search employers and job seekers. Herein lies also the particular strength of Gigajob. When the search function is very careful, that are answered questions with good quality results. A farmer ‘ gets for example any jobs for contractors ‘ or engineers ‘ displayed.

Instead, he receives an overview of jobs as farmers ‘ and in addition for synonymous terms such as the farmers ‘and agricultural technicians’. These targeted search results allow it, that users in the job market can quickly reach and effectively select suitable vacancies potential jobs to the target.” This special search technology is also used for the collection of cross-border job offers to bear. Another advantage of Gigajob is that anyone can use the basic functions of the job board for free. In this way, it comes to a large number of users, job vacancies and candidates. Currently, more than 170,000 different job opportunities in the database are stored, a number of applicants by little more than 95,000 faces which. So a good chance to find a job request work in the job exchange Gigajob is made up especially for the job seekers. The online job market Gigajob since summer 2005 and is operated by the Erlanger net market Internet service GmbH & co. KG. The aim of the Internet platform is easier, faster and more successful in contact with jobseekers and employers about Gigajob to reassert. This free basic offerings, as well as a very precise search for bodies and candidate profiles are workers and employers on the job available.

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