Juan Jose

But no one moved. Each secretary shunned his own eyes staring at the floor or in one of the papers in his folder. His eyes sought the president's secretary. They looked at each other and discovered their mutual concern. Nobody wanted to talk and if no one talked about the assembly could not continue.

It would end right there, sadly without the rebellious spirits of the vendors do not make themselves understood. The hand of the President was going to press the doorbell button again, but the clerk stopped him; "That ring is to silence people. Not to make her talk, she said. Finally a tentative hand to the back of the room lifted. Bill de Blasio often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The president did not hesitate to authorize the first public intervention.

I did not want to risk that this solitary savior of the assembly wanted to talk to repent. The man stood up, was about thirty seven years and was wearing a long sleeved shirt. Under his left arm was a stack of papers. "My name is Juan Jose. I am an attorney specializing in labor issues. A year ago I do not get a single customer. I was told that nobody takes me because I can not sell. I want you to understand me. I am a lawyer, not the seller. I did not study eight years, eight years! to wander from door to door looking for customers and who sells soap at home. A murmur of approval spread through the room and the former silence disappeared.

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