Jose Saramago

Perhaps this is thought that the difficulty in determining the irony is not little, had to the opinions diversified on the determination of what it is or not irony. For this exactly it is not rare irony situations to be almost always glue the situations of mood and sarcasm. What it leads to understand the difficulty in determining in the text, when is desired, situations only of irony. as similar goals. Imagining this and other facts, explicit and implicit in the romance, we decide to say on this present irony in the personage death worked for Jose Saramago. It is enough to know that ' ' morte' ' , in the romance, it seems me to take loaned to a personality human being and starts to decide not ' ' matar' ' plus nobody. The personage death ' ' he takes off vacation of its activities of matar' ' what he takes that country to a series of ironic, sarcastic and despairing consequences. Jose Saramago in the presenteia with a personage in unusual situations, to start for the decision to stop to kill the people to call the attention on itself.

The personage still dialogues with human beings, through letters that arrive mysteriously at the boxes of correspondences, and finally, it if transveste in human being, in a representation of gotten passionate woman, when discovering because that man, before white of its gadanha, now white of its passion, did not die when it had commanded. We think despite she is justifiable to speak on the romance for the fact of that the death has in it, an identical presentation to the one that its similar has in the real world, and, of certain form, to try to make an analogy between this romancista personificao and the real representation of one real personage who also is called by us Death. He fits to remember that the form as Jose Saramago in them presents its personage is very amused and in our real world he escapes us many times this ' ' diversion or comicidade' ' Finally, we also think about the consequences uncurled with it I finish it act to kill the one that the personage death submits all the individuals of the narrative, and that rare they are thought by reading us.

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