Internet Letter Instead Of Authority Gang

To send more security for the correspondence in the letters of the Internet, online barg has some risks. Especially in business correspondence and administrative matters, it was more advisable to use the postal service. The Internet letters now offer more safety in the delivery of important and confidential messages. The online portal presents the new opportunity of sending of the letter and its benefits. Many people manage their social network online today, but this way of communication is not always the safest choice. Especially on matters that require a higher level of confidentiality, user is reluctant to rely on emails.

Most recently, the so-called Internet letter available stands for such purposes. In this way can users save the gang to the authority or to the post office and all rules online. The services offered by citizen portals and designed to ensure a legally secure and reliable communication. In addition, users thanks to the online services can save time by eliminating long waiting times on the spot. Through the encrypted Delivery is achieved a higher level of security and ensures that no third access to confidential information. This is for example when communicating with notaries, agencies or banks of advantage. For electronic correspondence to be legally binding, nor the bug Portal law must come into force. To ensure that the message only when the right person arrives, the registration of the user and the accreditation of companies and authorities is required. Access by unauthorised third parties and change the sent message are therefore excluded. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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