Hotel In Moldova

If you've never been in the solar Moldova, namely in the city of Chisinau, then I advise you to visit. On this day when I arrived in Chisinau, just celebrated worldwide celebration of love In the beginning, I moved into a hotel with a beautiful called Bella Donna, in a translation that means beautiful woman. Besides that I was given a room which was festively decorated, gave another coupon which includes a romantic dinner in one of three restaurants in town. During the day, visited one of the newest commercial center MollDova, which incidentally is not far from the hotel, the organizers of the center have tried their best, the concert and made a lot of competitions, from which I have not only memorable but also even got a little gift. Visited many museums, wineries, which tasted many wines and realized that the Moldovan wines are not inferior to French wines. Indeed solar country, a beautiful city, hospitable people and delicious food, I think this day will be remembered in my mind for a long time..

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