Highway Mogi

The River Tiet is a Brazilian river of the state of So Paulo. He is famous national for crossing the state and the city of Is Pablo. He is born in Salespolis, the Mountain range of the Sea, the 1,027 meters of altitude. Although to be only the 22 kilometers of the coast, the scarps of the Mountain range of compel it to the Sea to walk inverse direction, route the interior and cross the state of So Paulo of Southeast the northwest until emptying in the lake formed for the barrage of Jupi in the river Paran, about 50 kilometers downstream of the city of Barreto Pear tree. SPRING AND PARK OF the SPRINGS OF the TIET the springs are in the Park Rising of the River Tiet, that if points out in the city of Salespolis. They are about 134 hectares, of which 9,6 already are under ambient control, protecting the diverse springs that will go to form the most important river of the State of So Paulo. Gust bes situated in the quarter of the Rock, the 17 km of the center of Salespolis, next to verge with the city of Paraibuna.

For the SP-88, Highway Mogi – Dutra, felt Paraibuna, in an exit the right, for the Road of Pitas, 6 km of land track after beaten. Initially at the hands of particular, it had its destroyed original flora. Tumbled for the State, its area was recouped, presenting secondary forest now. The springs appear between rocks that tip a very small lake. The water sprouts in three different points, and the lake is town for small fish, the Guars. BARRAGES the river Tiet drains a composed area for six hidrogrficas sub-basins (High Tiet, Sorocaba/Average Tiet, Piracicaba-Capivari-Jundia, Tiet/Battle, Tiet/Alligator and Low Tiet) in one of the regions richest of the south hemisphere, and throughout its extension its edges bathe 62 marginal cities.

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