Greek Brentesion

I have attended its ceremonies, acts witnessed by notary public monks in her realised, since also I have been going to reflect, to meditate, because the simplicity of its Dumo and its atmosphere of peace enchants to me that in him is pronounced. All the mornings to dwell near the chair, please to me to listen its bells where its bell tower was completed in 1795 and with near the palace of the Bishop and Seminarista building, constructed in 1720 using the obtained matters of demolished Basilica S. Leucio. It enchants to me to be leaving that place to Roman column I enjoy, them intensely. It pleases to me to journey constantly by Privateering Umberto I, that since envelope has been written it is an pleasant pedestrian stroll given by beautiful and unusual palms that give to an Eastern touch to this harbor city and the marine stroll, that is by where they remain the majority of the tourists who wait for the exit of their boat towards Greece. Spent a time I go away until its central station, simple station, but cosy, from time to time I pause to take me coffee. Of there, I go until the Port by its paved streets, by side streets that there are on both sides of the stroll, that it is very certain, they are discovered a full city of surprises: more or less old small palaces with wonderful facades, churches of diverse times and numerous Roman rest, a column that indicated the end of the way old Apia or some front door to the city. floods of history, Considrese, since it has been written that formerly it was point of contact between the empires of East and the West and, more ahead, at the time of the Normen, crossing site in the routes pilgrims towards Earth Santa Es of preRoman origin, perhaps founded by the ilricas people and their Latin name Brundisium, through Greek Brentesion, observes the word mesapio Brention, red deer head, that seems to talk about to the form of the port that provides with accomodations the city.

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