Governing Mayor Ernst Reuter

… that called to once Ernst Reuter the peoples of the world! Dear Berliners and Berlin, looks at this city… that has launched to once Ernst Reuter the peoples of the world! To the 55th anniversary of the death of Ernst Reuter call the Action Alliance to an event approved by the Berlin authorities, red/dark red Berlin Senate because to remember and to remind, finally a citizen-oriented and citizen-friendly policy for all Berliners and Berlin to make or do. \”This event has the motto: above 55 years the Berlin wore their Governing Mayor Ernst Reuter today the Berlin Senate and the the federal capital of Berlin’s ruling Klaus Wowereit contributes to grave to grave\”. With great concern we see how the red dark Senate leaves our capital Berlin the used East German Communists. The Mayor of Berlin Ernst Reuter, visions of the erstwhile ruling and then hope of the Berlin on freedom, prosperity and brotherhood, are today by parties and fun replaced and culminate in it that Berlin the capital of the Hartz IV has become receiver and nationwide with the highest Arbeitslosenquotehat.

We are angry, Berliners if our water is sold and education, energy, health, homes, savings banks, transport and disposal are at the mercy of the economic and financial, social, and wirtschaftspolitischerInteressen. The red-red felt between the political class and the private sector combined with a sophisticated guidance system exploit our hometown Berlin. This red-red Berlin Senate leaves nothing to get popular initiatives and referenda and the citizens will underfoot and invents new flimsy excuses for people to circumvent will.The Berlin Senate daily on a new proves that its land policy in the German capital no longer reached wide parts of the Berliners and Berlin. We want opportunity by the Action Alliance of, all active in Berlin democratic civil initiatives (not right – or left-wing initiatives) give to present their points of view on this event and to announce a large audience to support.

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