Gold Certified Partner & taking over-based Internet service provider Genotec AG in Allschwil/Basel by immediately the operation and data stock of two Web portals and Fibernet, succeed as one of the major Internet service providers of Switzerland, an important step to expand of its portfolio with the acquisition of the two Web portals. is a Swiss blog search engine, with the show among the most sought-after posts in real time can be. Many other useful features complement the service. With you have the Swiss media and advertising industry at a glance. To integrate progress project, still in development, and to expand is planned, the service around the two well-known platforms in their own.

The aggregator in its present form but will still exist and should be expanded. “We are very happy that we were able to gain for our project,” says Simon Jenny, CEO of Genotec AG. It will perfectly complement our existing platform. The proposed project aims appear in 2010. and remains until then as usual achievable. About Fibernet: Founded in 2001 the Swiss Internet service provider Genotec AG. The company employs 36 people and serves in the own data centers in Zurich, Basel, Bern and Allschwil over 50’000 domain and about 500 Server customers. IAE is an Ofcom registered provider and certified as “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner”.

IAE was awarded the quality seal Swiss Quality Hosting of the simsa and checked Since 2008, IAE is newly listed in the top 500 of the strongest IT companies of Switzerland at Computerworld. Learn more about the IAE: Simon Jenny, CEO Genotec AG CH – 4123 Allschwil Tel.

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