Globalization Industrialization

The real success of globalization must be determined to the extent that it allows to enjoy each person of the basic goods of food and housing, education and employment, peace and social progress, economic development and justice. Juan Pablo II introduction it says, that there is a world market, a global mass culture, but persist national States, and as they have been weakened enough by neoliberal policies, globalization can be seen as pair threatens its integrity and for his foundation that is culture. For all scholar of administrative science, and that it that you are interested in the repercussions that have derived from globalization, its incidence in some economics, culture, cannot be ignored that globalization has been playing. Hence our interest in delving into its scope, which represents. General, basic considerations cannot be ignored, which represents globalization on the world stage, as well as towards the conquest of new industrialization markets, the placement of all those products and services that guarantee profits and consolidation of large companies, especially in developed countries, in the large economic blocs, all this thanks to the weaknesses of non developed countries, especially those that have been maintained and are still dependent on import of technology, such as the specific case which concerns us from Venezuelathat in the present pay a serious price in this regard, a cost that significantly affects the Venezuelan. We know that it has commented that globalization would basically consist of an expansion of the market to become common space to guide the production, Exchange, distribution and consumption of goods and services between countries and people around the world. The important thing is to evaluate how it has an impact on the culture of each country concerned, as they operate the cultural industries. It is important to emphasize in the analysis, in the Latin American debate (published by the magazine Andrew Bello) has been analyzed this global phenomenon worse two roads: some believe that it is what we are in danger (or rather what will being and producing through cultural industries), in other words, our cultural particularity, before the globalization of certain hegemonic foreign cultural models.

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