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Fiber is indigestible food parts. They occur in plant foods. For even more analysis, hear from NYC Mayor. Organic products are becoming increasingly popular, so the bio by 6.02 (2010) to 6.59 billion in 2011 sales. The organic portion of the total food market increased to 2011 to 3.7%. Organic psyllium husks complement not only the wide range of psyllium products, but they are available in pure form.

Organic psyllium husks without any use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Psyllium peelings contain a high content of dietary fiber. A fiber-rich diet can regulate intestinal activity. The proportion of digestive fiber can slow the feeling of hunger in conjunction with liquid. Indian psyllium peelings have a high number of the source and can provide a pleasant feeling of satiety. Psyllium peelings for people: Indian psyllium contains valuable slime-forming fiber, which swell when in contact with liquid.

Since these source materials in the epidermis of the skin can be found, this is separated from the seed by a special procedure and only the shells as psyllium peelings are offered with up to 5 times as high source volumes as a standalone product. Psyllium and psyllium peelings be dissolved in water, mixed with cereal or yogurt consumed or in baked goods. In conjunction with a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, psyllium can help to lower cholesterol levels. The difference between organic”and local supervisory authorities is conventional psyllium peelings in the strict controls by the bio. The consistently high quality is guaranteed by the regular monitoring and analysis reports by accredited laboratories. Any mixing with non-organic products or contact with materials and substances that are not approved for use in organic farming is ensured at a bio certified operation. Already when importing our organic psyllium peelings are through relevant bio control bodies in Germany controlled and monitored. Just as it happens possible to declare our products as organic for sale. You will receive detailed information about organic psyllium husks under or

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