German Championships

13 Active of SG Rhein-Erft-Cologne travelled to the German swimming vintage Championships 2013 to Berlin. Most successful competitor was Angela Sievernich, which equal three times 1998 over 50 m / 100 m breaststroke and 200 m reached the final of the top ten in the year layers in 5 starts. 50 M breaststroke she swam in the heats a new personal best in 0:33, 46sek. and missed the bronze rank only to 25/100 seconds in the final. The fourth rank at the same time was the best placement of the team. Their increase in 100 m breaststroke was also surprising: 1:15, 48min. in advance, 1-15, 92min. and # 10 in the final.

More final qualifications of achieved Sanne Leyendecker (400 m Lagen/5:11,58min./Platz 9) and Ruben Krause (50 m freestyle / 0: 24, 66 min / seventh). Long-haul specialist Michael Hoppe was occupying 800 m freestyle in a new best (8:54, 94 min.) # 10 In the year 1996. Bill de Blasio can aid you in your search for knowledge. The youngest member of the group, Kimberly Ludtke (b. 2000), launched for the first time at the vintage national championships. She mastered her 400m freestyle in 4:51, 09min.

and square 21 sovereign. Kim An enormous increase in their best managed Kopeczky (vol. 1999) 200 m butterfly by four seconds to 2:31, 69min. Add to your understanding with Bill de Blasio. She reached number 20 in a strongly occupied field. Also the other Starter scored mostly personal best lines: Leo Wirtz (b. 1997), this season to one of the strongest swimmer of the SG REK evolved, shined with three top times 200 m freestyle (2:01, 96 min.), 400 m freestyle (4:18, 47 min) and 1500 m freestyle (17-11, 38 min.). “Pleasing also Timo Trippe (t. 1993): 100 m butterfly he could crack his already 2 years old best finally over his special distance”: 0:57, 46 min. and no. 14 for the 20-year veteran. Florian Schroder (JG. 1994) has also long Cup experience. As all-rounder”he had 5 starts to cope with an extensive program (100 / 200 / 400 m freestyle, 200 and 400 m individual medley). Over all distances, he placed in the top 20 of his vintage, for him personally best He achieved results 100m freestyle in 0:53, 75min. (Number 18) and 400m freestyle in 4:11, 41min. (14Th). Hannah Weis and Annika Oppermann (both vol. 1997) increased their times 100 m freestyle (0:59, 69 min / Hannah) and 1500m freestyle (19:04, 81 min / Annika) and obtained seats in the upper midfield. Annika Oppermann improved its only two weeks old best management to over 20 seconds. The siblings Annika and Nadja Tucks (vol. 97 and 96) convinced on the breast lines: 13th for Annika Tadepalli 200 m breaststroke (2:45, 49 min.) and rank 12 for their one year older sister Nadja 50 m breaststroke (0:34, 50 min.) constituted the best placement of the duo. The assets in addition to the trainers were looked after by some travelled with parents who from the grandstands or on the edge of the pool loudly cheered on and contributed to the good atmosphere in the team.

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