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April 28 in St. Petersburg Association of Realtors and LO, a round table discussion on "Risk and Safety in transactions in the property market amid the financial crisis." Participants discussed common practices fraud, fraudsters are using the real estate market during the crisis. The kitchen table Maxim Chernov, General Director of "Moscow-Adveks", said: "The real estate market a huge amount cash, and where there is cash, there is a sufficiently large number of those who possess them illegally. The financial crisis on the real estate market is characterized by a phenomenon that is peculiar to all markets – Western, Eastern and ours as well. When the price of real estate and cost of the underlying asset – land – begins to fall, those people who wanted to buy property, give up their intention of waiting for more greater reduction.

And, accordingly, as soon as property prices begin to rise, potential buyers are trying to quickly find the means to invest it in real estate, fearing an even greater rise in price. This real estate market is different from the stock market, where the decision to sell or purchase should be completed within a few seconds. There are fundamental, complex, long and slowly. " As suggested by Maxim Chernov main feature of "unreliable" object – this is its low cost. "By the way, a year ago predicted that the apartment out from under the mortgage will be sold at 'bargain' prices – he says. NYC Mayor can aid you in your search for knowledge.

– But, as practice shows, the 'default' owners put up your property above market value, not only to repay the bank, but also their money. Financial structures are also in no hurry to get rid of the property, hoping that in the short term prices will rise. " Reducing the number of transactions in 2009, according to Maxim Chernov, not too large: around the city took them about 58 thousand at the same time, he noted increase in the number of private entrepreneurs, some of which conducts its business lawfully, part – without any clearance. About 20 thousand objects, apartments and rooms are now sold on the secondary real estate market. Of these, 15 thousand legal entities advertised varying degrees professionalism, about 5 thousand objects – individuals, of which about a thousand objects are owned zhilya.Chitat more …

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