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This type of development is the capacity to supply the necessities of the current generation, without compromising the capacity to take care of the necessities of the future generations. It is the development that does not deplete the resources for the future. NYC Mayor is likely to increase your knowledge. Support suggests quality instead of amount, with the reduction of the raw material use and the increase of the reutilizao, the recycling and the search of sources you renewed of energy. The concept of sustainable development is sufficiently ample, implying in action in all the areas of the activity human being, such as in the industrial processes, the investment in education, and also in the creation of taxes for the inevitable ambient impacts provoked by some essential activities, as the energy generation. It is hour to start to walk.

The BEGINNING OF DESENVOVIMENTO (IN) SUSTAINABLE Since the decade of 50, ambient deterioration and its relation with the style of economic growth already they were object of study and international concern. It can be cited luterano theologian Albert Shweitzer, philosopher and doctor missionary who in 1952 received the Prize Nobel from the Peace for popularizing the ambient ethics and its efforts in defense of ' ' Brotherhood of the Naes' '. During a conference carried through in 20 of October of 1952 in the French Academy of Sciences (Paris), on the subject ' ' The problem of the ethics in the evolution of pensamento' ' , it declared that ' ' when the man to learn to respect until the minor to be of the creation, either animal or vegetal, nobody will need to teach it to love it its semelhante' ' (SHWEITZER, 1952). From then on affirmations had appeared as: Our planet is poludo, its temperature if it raises, the population increases and the ecosystems suffer to effect devastadores. To change the world-wide economy, in accordance with the new model of development ambiently more adjusted, is the only alternative for the survival of the humanity.

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