Both powers together give happiness. Happiness is a state of mental peace where there is unrest and violence. Inner Peace creates faith in the intellect. When the intellect is illuminated by spiritual wisdom, fewer mood swings and less doubt in his heart. Honesty Honesty means a clear conscience before me and to others.

It need to examine the internal honesty and wisdom provided support to ensure strength and stability. The positive domestic firm creates an oasis of spiritual resources and gives the confidence that is based on self-esteem. This is assertiveness. An honest person appreciate the interrelationships of the natural world and not misused or abused or wasted the wealth of resources to the welfare of mankind. Humility Humility removes the fear and uncertainty and opens the self to universal truths. It is accepting the natural principles that can not be controlled. Humility removes the possessiveness and the limited vision that create physical limits, intellectual and emotional.

Freedom Freedom is a precious gift that promises the experience of liberation and the feeling of no limits. The most effective power to stop internal and external wars and is free the souls of human consciousness. Any act of freedom, when it is aligned with the human consciousness, is liberating and ennobling power. Peace Peace is a pure force that penetrates the shell of chaos, and by its very nature automatically puts people and things in a balanced order. Peace consists of pure thoughts, pure feelings and pure wishes. When the power of thought, word and action is balanced, stable and free of violence, the individual is at peace with his own being, their relationships and the world.

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