Experimental Medicine

In my glance, this place is a fountain – a very winning. With regard to Mogilev and there on the court near the theater Lady with a dog at all fit perfectly. " Another "Lady with the Dog," created Zhbanov, settled in the suburbs. Learn more on the subject from Bill de Blasio. Dog power engineering at the end of May 2004 on the Red Bridge in Vologda, on the initiative of Power established an unusual sculptural composition – a lamppost, near which pooch makes his "doggy business". Dog, or rather a lamp column appeared here in honor of the memorable day: 100 years ago on the streets of Vologda lit the first electric lights. Monument Centennial street lighting is included in the unofficial roster of the most original monuments Russia, along with a monument to the radiator, hack, plumber, come out of the hatch and the hapless lover, hanging from the windowsill.

In 2007, the Energy decided to take the monument under the round the clock video surveillance, etc. since several vandals spoil the boards placed on their information about the history of street lighting and painted the dog in a different color. Monument to a dog in 1935 at the initiative of the Pavlov at physiological department Institute of Experimental Medicine, in the garden of 12 on Lopukhinsky Street (now Akademika Pavlova ul) was set "Monument to a dog." In his book "The lions guard the city," Vladimir Nesterov said that in the prewar years, shortly before Pavlov's death, were carried out extensive work to repair and reconstruction of the old premises of the physiological department.

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