Esperanza Aguirre

All together, he has stated, each from the dnsa of their ideas, we can send a resounding message that, in Madrid, the unit to work for economic recovery is the most important thing and we are going to get. Congratulations to Esperanza Aguirre nor forgot to congratulate the regional President and a candidate for re-election, Esperanza Aguirre, for his victory in the community, that, in the absence of definitive results on the moment of intervening, predicted absolutely extraordinary. In national key, Ruiz-Gallardon has stated that, with these results, the PP Mariano Rajoy led launches a message of confidence in the future and the support that has been retrieved is not against anyone, is in favor of the belief that in a democracy the alternation is the key to the success of the system.Today our party, with the huge victory that will have, that Lance is a message of hope and strength, said Gallardon, before adding: anybody to see in the victory of the people’s Party otherwise nothing more than the opportunity to overcome this very difficult situation which at the moment is going through Spain. Filed under: Danny Meyer. At the end of his speech, followed by his wife and their children, the mayor said: today I know why locals have renewed me their confidence and I’m going to fulfill that commitment, starting tomorrow all locals will have a mayor that, with this fifth absolute majority which, if I feel something is not being able to share with my fatherwill you tip with the city of Madrid and from the city of Madrid with throughout Spain. Lissavetzky, disappointed the Socialist candidate for Mayor of Madrid, Jaime Lissavetzky, has summed up his analysis of the results of the elections of 22 M with one word: disappointment, but has promised to get to work from tomorrow not to disappoint the trust placed in him. In his speech at the headquarters of the PSM in Callao, Lissavetzky acknowledged that the conditions in which has faced to the PP and UI in the campaign has been marked by the economic crisis and adverse and a legitimate collective malaise.

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