Enterprise Problem

Members pointed out a mistake: not all test results are stored in the program. If the comments entered in the register observations, in our case, the head of training for this mos, and the problem immediately reported to the developers, it is usually within 5 business days, comments will be removed. But there are situations where users have identified the error and interpret it in their own or represent a problem in the abstract, the developer immediately clear – what exactly does not work. In response to this problem statement – "does not work, the developer goes to the company to clarify the What's all the same thing. The result is that the user starts the program without following the instructions for starting and, as a result – lost time. Factors such as illiteracy user, insufficient training user to use a software product, process tracking stretch 2-3 times. Improving support – is adding new features to the product or system protection from obsolescence. Requests for their inclusion is usually also come from users.

For example, in the iso "Machinist distributor, training is conducted in Magnitogorsk, an industrial college, at the request of users want to include a chart of state "Iron-carbon, as background information for the user. The developer estimates the appropriateness of including this feature in moc, only then the problem is posed by the implementation. In this case – to connect a functions, including the installation of updates in the enterprise will not take more than a week.

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