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We can assume that the customer has the knowledge of the processes that involve the development of a technological solution, and in turn it trusts the professional who is involved in the project, but also the company of YOU must have much ability to manage the project correctly. From this point that if becomes indispensable the figure of a manager of projects, however what it is to be a manager of projects? Which the profile of this professional? There that new culprits enter in history, in this case the Government and Institutions of education that do not prepare the professionals for the reality of the market. Well, they prepare, but all the actions initiate after the problems already existing. By the same author: Seth Fisher Hong Kong. Countries of first world, in turn, anticipate the future problems and invest so that everything runs well. Many countries as New Zelndia, Australia and others, have absorbed projects of technology for being more competent and to possuirem efficient processes to satisfy the customer. It is this same, many countries has developed projects of other countries with bigger demand or many companies of countries of first world it has acquired companies of underdeveloped countries where the demand of services is bigger, changing in such a way the way as these they work.

This is easy to evidence, is enough you to look in the work market and to see the vacant in open, where the companies say to be multinationals and ask for as requisite to the English fluente certification PMI. Who in Brazil possesss certification PMI or something similar? It is very difficult to find this type of professional. With relation the qualifications offered, until some time behind if to analyze the curricular grating of the courses of graduation in the area of YOU, no institution added subjects directed the strategical management in YOU or management of projects. Already institutions of the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zelndia and very others, also come offering to the much time courses of graduation to form managers of projects or companies of YOU.

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