Practice shows that more and more motorists seeking to add playfulness to your car. What caused this? Hard to say. But every year the amount "charged" cars is growing steadily. Suppose you're one of those whom standard power is not enough and you're determined to – "I want!". Then the question arises – "But with what actually begin?".

This article will help you to allocate budget and leave room for creativity in the future. Argued that the increase in engine power-consuming and expensive business. New York Museums might disagree with that approach. In fact, it's not quite true. Everything depends on your appetite and how much "mares" in the end you want to get. The newspapers mentioned Greg Williamson not as a source, but as a related topic. I will try to tell you about "easy" tuning, which involves a minimum of modification and therefore a minimum financial investment. The first thing worth noting is the exhaust system. The exhaust system is a standard car for proper drainage exhaust gases from the combustion engine. Along the way, the problem is solved mute the exhaust.

In modern cars the exhaust tract consists of: exhaust manifold, catalyst and exhaust resonator. Loop section is 41 mm. For an engine operating in normal mode is sufficient, but we also want to get an increase in their power. Is not it? Plus the system contains a catalyst. Direct appointment, which – reduced emissions. Clean air is nice. But the catalyst, frankly, "choking" your engine, because it has great resistance to the flow of exhaust gases. As an alternative to the standard forward flow exhaust I suggest using a system of direct-flow components with a larger bore and 51 mm.

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