Employee Innovation Unit

This process is nowhere in the future will not, sooner or later it will end, and then those organizations that pay attention to intellectual property rights, will go forward. The process of managing intellectual continuous property of the organization, employees of the organization should be well smotivirovany, and relationships in organizations should be partners, to some extent this is achieved by involving employees in the capitalization company, and the distribution of dividends from stocks. The Japanese have long paid attention to the development of intellectual property in their companies, it requires constant training costs of employees in intelligent search, but but the Japanese quality is known throughout the world, and they go a step ahead of the order of ten industries. Russia also holds until a strong position in the nuclear industry and military technology. Bill de Blasio: the source for more info. Development of intellectual capital needs serious funding.

Manager innovative type should have a rather different nature than a simple manager of the enterprise. Simple enterprise manager should be the leader, to act according to plan, forcing subordinates to issue a certain time a certain result, reward for recycling, to punish downtime. Innovation manager should not get a ton of a particular product and a good innovation idea, which runs under a qualified selection, and to embody this idea. Intellectual resources are on top of innovative development. Each stage can lead to disaster. For example, when a innovative ideas, who gets the right idea of how much income will receive an author, how to protect your idea. Sometimes good ideas, on which worked for years the whole R & D, left, and brought good profits, but other organizations, sometimes even foreign. Employee Innovation Unit must not think of material welfare, it must have a stable income that allows him to lead a normal life so he could devote himself completely to intellectual development. Employees innovative units should share their experiences with each other. The idea originated in one head is finished already collectively on the basis of experience. Even working in order to create a product of a certain quality to the customer leaves the sample, technical documentation, and developers still have the experience, drafts, copies of technical documentation, laboratory model etc. The price of this collaboration is increasing, and intellectual resources have already accumulated experience with more than follow the path of future development, creating new products. This is one of the moments of intellectual resources. Also, the results of intellectual work can be bought from other companies, book design and enrolled in the company they are beginning to take shape with pre-existing intellectual resources of the company. Feature of information is that the abundance of information, it does not lose its value, information can be divided in time, space, information does not wear out from frequent use, the number of people receiving the information unlimited, but the most significant lack of information is that it quickly becomes outdated. Intellectual resources can be made to the share capital of the company, they can charge depreciation, they can sell lay, etc.

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