But he is happy. And your car is fast because it runs up to, with the best thing that can be a child, and adult a present to your inner child, having your imagination. Aunt Lourdes fixes you clothes because it teaches you that it’s nice to go through life neat, clean and care. Aunt Caro Pero it everytime she sees him, gives him chocolates, invites you to watch TV and is the same one that takes your hand when you have to take a remedy ugly, ugly, as I also do with their children. Aunt Elizabeth and uncle Daniel, Miss it when they see it and have it don’t stop embrace it.

Not to talk, my friend of the soul, for so long, Graciela. Mama Blues, big mama. He saw my bellies of my two children. And always had your hug ready and soon to hold me and I always told with its unconditional support for me and for them. In the end, life revolves rotates, everything returns and thanks to God, my children have their fake aunts, as I had them any time. It is not a blood bond that ensures the link, is that he has managed to gain and is because in life, sometimes she wants and loves, regardless of what nature signe by a DNA. So thank you God, well mine and I know that a world without the aunts of blood, would be impossible but also a world without fake aunts would be impossible. These friends of the soul, who knew God, life, or the destination we give. Because they are art and part of the things that we always have at hand, a time of roses, as I would say Serrat.

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