Electronic tidbits on the Doubleight stage type Cologne trio: t.u.r.b.o. in recent years very quickly to a size in the electronic scene developed. 21.15 the high fliers make correctly steam also guests of the line koeln Festival with its unique German electro hip-hop-Beatz-turbo sound. To 22.15, then climb the Doubleight stage RockRainer and will distribute a colourful 80’s colour Inferno. With its mix of synthpop, Hip-Hop and electro, the musicians from Freiburg and Berlin have already cleared en-masse to awards. RockRainer are SoundFoundation part of Volkswagen and will animate also the last dance. New York Museums often says this.

Maximum electro beats, rousing rap from megaphones and bassy bass there is the pressure from 23:15 by swallowing. The neon outfit are the three Berlin a colorful spectacle and very forward again to get background music for the Cologne party community. “” Rounding out the evening on the Doubleight stage with the electronic DJ sets of the Cologne party series Fahad “and Cologne minimal”. When Gabler & recorder thereby danceable, minimal techno sounds on the platter, while type: t.u.r.b.o. proach. and Maddin ask of printing plates REC Hamburg (swallow the pressure) await you with a new electro tech-house FrenchRave DJ-set. The 3.einklang Cologne Festival at the 08.04.2011 workshop in Cologne-Ehrenfeld (Gruner WEG 1 b, 50825 Cologne) is presented by koeln.de, center.tv, intro, Cologne, festivalguide, byte.fm, SpiriTV, and wergehthin.de, and promises a rock electronic evening with varied live acts and a long night of partying.

The line koeln Festival thanks you for the Cologne support by Titus, Cyroline, icecream windsurfing, Shintai & world receiver. Line-Up concrete wave stage 21:00 Voltaire (indie # Cologne) 22:00 Angelika Express (IndiePopPunk # Cologne) 23.00 Trashmonkeys (Rooster # Bremen) 00:00 indie Fresse party (indie rock beats, new wave, punk, Indietronics) with Fuckomoto & Zhivago, John DOM Lorberg (The Kilians), MikeMaikMeik Doubleight stage 21:15 type: t.u.r.b.o. (ElektroBeats # Cologne) 22:15 RockRainer (ElektroHipHop # Freiburg) 23:15 drink the pressure (ElektroRap # Berlin) 00:00 Cologne minimal & indie Fresse party (new electro, techno, minimal) with Gabler & recorders, Farrell Maddin, type: t.u.r.b.o. admission is tickets as of 20:00, tickets are available for 12 euros (plus fees) on all of the usual Presale places on line-koeln.de, on koelnticket.de, on site at harmony koeln and the partner. The entrance fee is only 8 euros for party visitors from 12: 00. Tickets and more information about the Festival: festival.php trailer official trailer: watch?

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