ECOportal Moscow

Existing environmental legal framework of the Russian Federation head of called 'bulky'. According to him, in particular, taken on 10 federal laws, one way or another related to ecology, 140 governmental regulation on environmental issues, 200 acts of subjects of the federation on the environment. Moscow may become a huge dump Environmentalists are sounding the alarm: in the next 3-4 years the Russian capital may drown in their own debris. The reason is simple: in Moscow there are no advanced technology to separate the assembly and recycling. And as a consequence – overcrowded landfills, which are already packed almost to capacity. NY Restaurateur is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The program is expected to recycling and disposal of garbage in the capital in the coming years will be considered in November at a meeting of city government. The problem of getting rid of garbage is relevant to every city, but if the whole progressive world for another 15 – 20 years ago decided to abandon the storage of waste, and began to burn trash or recycle, then in the Russian capital things up so the opposite. In Moscow, only Now the construction of modern waste incineration plants (WIPs).

However, against the construction of incinerators are various environmental groups, citing the fact that such businesses emit a huge amount of harmful substances. About this wrote earlier – read about the igc in Moscow. Global warming promises a third world war? British scientists have conducted research for a non-governmental environmental organization Forum for the Future, which conducted an analysis of political, economic, psychological and social consequences of climate change.

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